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Works by Anna Cazurra,
published by Brotons & Mercadal


Anna Cazurra is a composer.  She holds a PhD  in Musicology.
Several prestigious musical institutions have commissioned her musical works, and both her musical compositions and her musicological activities have earned her recognition and acclaim, both nationally and abroad. She has won major prizes and awards. Her composition output includes works for piano, chamber ensembles, voice, orchestra, and staged musical theater.

In 2003, she was appointed Composer-Scholar in Residence at the City University of New York. In September of 2008, the Cervantes Institute in New York commissioned her a new piano work, Mediterránea, that was subsequently premiered in that same year by pianist Adam Kent, winning great acclaim from both the general public and the critics.  In October of 2008, the Spanish Embassy in New York commissioned her to write another piano collection, Hesperia, that was premiered at Carnegie Hall.

Her most recent work includes the original soundtracks of two American Films: “Mil máscaras: The Aztec Revenge” and “Exes”, a concerto for piano and symphonic band, premiered at the Barcelona Auditori.and the “Suite Americana” for piano and orchestra,

She has recently released four CDs, including “Hesperia, complete works for piano by Anna Cazurra”, by the pianist Albert Nieto, “Quartets de corda catalans”, performed by the Catalan quartet Teixidor and “Amb veu de dona. Catalan Arts Songs by Women Composers”, performed by Patricia Caicedo and Nico Stavlos.

Since 2010, she is a Professor of Composition, Fugue and Counterpoint at the Conservatorio Superior de Música in Castelló.

Works by Anna Cazurra
100-009 CAZURRA, Anna Petit Poema (Little poem), for brass quintet

ISMN: 979-0801226-50-1

100-018 CAZURRA, Anna Suite Évora, for string orchestra (*)

ISMN: 979-0801226-41-9

100-021 CAZURRA, Anna Évora, Primera Suite, for string orchestra (*)

ISMN: 979-0801226-38-9

100-022 CAZURRA, Anna Évora, Segona Suite, for string orchestra (*)

ISMN: 979-0801226-37-2

100-033 CAZURRA, Anna Psalms, for voice and orchestra (*)

ISMN: 979-0801226-26-6

100-034 CAZURRA, Anna Hesperia, for piano

ISMN: 979-0801226-00-6

100-035 CAZURRA, Anna Quatre evocacions, for piano

ISMN: 979-0801226-1101-3

100-049 CAZURRA, Anna Yasirah, for soprano saxophone and piano

ISMN: 979-0801226-11-2

100-050 CAZURRA, Anna Càntic (Song of praise), for clarinet, violin and cello

ISMN: 979-0801226-12-9

100-078 CAZURRA, Anna Atlàntida, for piano and string orchestra (*)

ISMN: 979-0801226-76-1

100-083 CAZURRA, Anna Baklava, for trumpet, French horn and trombone

ISMN: 979-0801226-81-5

100-084 CAZURRA, Anna Farsante es aquel, for soprano, violoncello and piano

ISMN: 979-0801226-82-2

100-085 CAZURRA, Anna Quartet de corda n. 1 (String Quartet #1)

ISMN: 979-0801226-83-9

100-088  CAZURRA, Anna Xiomara, for violin and piano

ISMN: 979-0801226-92-1

100-100 CAZURRA, Anna Alborada, for piano and string orchestra   (*)

ISMN: 979-0801226-95-2

100-103 CAZURRA, Anna Kalonice, for woodwind quintet

ISMN: 979-069220-008-6

100-125 CAZURRA, Anna Quan no hi siguis (When you are not here), for flute, oboe and piano

ISMN: 979-69220023-9

100-138 CAZURRA, Anna Esmirna, for violin, violoncello and piano

ISMN: 979-069220035-2

100-605 CAZURRA, Anna A Song for the Wind, for piano and symphonic band (*)

ISMN: 979-069220-531-9

100-799 CAZURRA, Anna Blues-Tango, for string quintet and piano

ISMN: 979-069220-724-5

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