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The publishing company

Since 2001, Brotons & Mercadal has brought a wide selection of classical and contemporary music to the music scene through the publication, promotion and distribution worldwide of an extensive international repertoire of quality music works. All members of Brotons & Mercadal are musicians linked to different fields of music, committed to offering their knowledge and experience in order for the music they represent to reach all those who appreciate high quality work in music.

This preliminary preparatory work culminates in a publishing programme that is very attractive, yet complementary and alternative to what is offered by other publishers in our country.  The development of this programme is based on the core aspects which define and shaped the B&M editorial policy:

To recuperate forgotten works of the traditional Catalan repertoire as well as of other Spanish areas.

To discover and disseminate new values of contemporary music, as well as to promote the work of women composers.

To incorporate and manage works of prominent composers from other areas of Spain and from other countries, while maintaining the publisher’s standards of quality.

To introduce texts of renowned authors and other contemporary writers.And to consolidate recognized Catalan composers by making them more universal through the dissemination of their music, particularly the works of Salvador Brotons, which have been published exclusively by B & M since 2001.

To achieve these goals, B & M has established a way of working which is consistent with the spirit of high quality which governs our company and has lead us to make the following commitments:


Careful selection of the repertoire. The clear intention to disseminate “good music” means that we must make a careful selection of the repertoire we choose to manage. When studying and evaluating the desirability of integrating a work in our catalogue, our experts (including renowned musicians, conductors, composers and musicologists) base their criteria on the musical interest and the quality of the works. We believe that the involvement of these professionals is essential for us to carry out the task we have set ourselves. Their presence helps us to research and thoroughly analyse the works, and allows us to undertake works of different periods, and even the reconstruction and publication of works from the Renaissance Baroque, Classical and Romantic Catalan periods.

Good quality publications.  This “good music”, once selected, should then be presented in rigorous publications that stand out for their quality. Our publications are made with the newest versions of specialized software and include parts, trilingual or multilingual commentaries by the composers or subject specialists, and pedagogical appendices, if necessary.

Ensure the maximum promotion and dissemination of the administered repertoire. The works of our composers have to reach the public in order to be enjoyed, and in order for the composer and his or her work to become universal. Much of the publisher’s editorial work focuses and converges on this fundamental objective.

Other services and activities that we offer:


– Publishing to order.

– Service of research and location of musical materials (sale of scores of other publishers). For this, we have distribution agreements with major music publishers around the world.

– Reissue of works in the “Public Domain” which are out of print.

In 2011, Brotons & Mercadal Musical Ediciones SL opened its first branch outside Catalonia, B&M Llevant Edicions Musicals, SL., through which we also offer our products and services from the Community of Valencia. In 2012 MusicVall Edicions Musicals CB joined our group.

The various companies within BROTONS & MERCADAL Editions Musicals seek to develop their activities with awareness of corporate social responsibility, applying policies, practices and programmes which focus on respect for ethics, people, communities and the environment.


The team of Brotons & Mercadal Edicions Musicals is formed by enterprising professionals in every work area, who carry out the necessary procedures to coordinate the various roles and responsibilities, working daily to offer the best catalogue and service.

Juanjo Mercadal

Birgit Euler

Melissa Mercadal

Salvador Brotons

Anna Fernández Polo