Festa hongaresa (Hungarian feast)






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The work has its origins in a commission from the flutist virtuoso and good friend Claudi Arimany. He requested a composition for two flutes and piano as a tribute to the renowned 19th-century Hungarian flutists and composers, Franz and Carl Doppler. The resulting piece is titled Souvenir à Franz et Carl Doppler, Fantasia concertante for two flutes and piano, Op.166.

Following the completion of the original composition, I envisioned an opportunity to amplify its reach and impact by expanding and orchestrating it for a symphonic band. Thus, “Festa hongaresa” (Hungarian feast) was conceived, boasting not only a new title but also an evolved conceptual framework.

This openly tonaI and neo-romantic work draws its inspiration from numerous Hungarian popular themes with diverse origins, interwoven with originals motifs of my own creation.

Structured without interruption, the composition unfolds in three distinct parts:

The first part features a slow, expressive, relaxed, and chromatic A-B-A structure where the various instrumental families engage in gentle dialogue. A small highlight occurs during the repetition of section A.

The second part introduces a more dynamic, rhythmic, and colorful segment, marked by significant contributions from the percussion and the brass. The tempo is faster and more agile.

The final part, as expected, transitions into some Csárdás. Quick and with various ornamentations, this section encompasses several brilliant Hungarian themes. A brief, majestic, and slower central interlude provides a contrast to the lively pace.  Although the structure follows an A-B-A format, part B is concise, and the reexposition of A is shortened. The composition concludes with a brilliant Coda, bringing the work to a vibrant and triumphant close.

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