Work for brass quintet, presented in a micro-overture format.



COLL, Jaume


(Complete set)


Brass quintet


1' 55''



Year of composition





The work is presented in a micro-overture format, lasting approximately two minutes. The objective is to feature each instrument without breaking the melodic sense of the piece and, due to the very short format, make it pleasant to listen to.

After the initial chords, the tuba opens the whole harmonic range of the piece with melodic phrases. A few brief incisions of the French horn give a touch of color. The trombone continues with the melody of the tuba, with a variation, and giving it more depth. The second trumpet responds to the voice of the trombone, at which point the main voice is assumed by the first trumpet, with the accompaniment of the French horn and the tuba in the form of a canon, thus arriving at the climax of the exposition.

A few measures of accompanied melody (first trumpet) help to develop the piece, thus reaching the short duet between first trumpet and horn, accentuating the versatility of each instrument. With another duo, this time between second trumpet and trombone, and with the accompaniment of the rest of the quintet, the piece reaches the end of the development.

Finally, with the re-exposition of the theme, we come to the concluding part of the work. The pattern of chords finishes, in the form of symmetries, where the melodies are supported, this time with a conclusive ending.

Jaume Coll

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