Sextet mixt (Complete set)


Commissioned work by the Festival Internacional de Torroella (Costa Brava). Premiered by “Barcelona 216 Ensemble” conducted by Ernest Martínez Izquierdo.



BROTONS, Salvador


(Complete set)


Flute, clarinet, violin, violoncello, piano and percussion


Flute, clarinet, violin, violoncello, piano and percussion




42 +7+7+8+8+5

Year of composition






Mixed Sextet was written in 1992 and it was commissioned by the Festival Internacional de Torroella (Costa Brava-Spain).  It was premiered by the ensemble “Barcelona 216” under the direction of Ernest Martínez Izquierdo.  The combination of timbres in this piece (2 wind instruments: flute and clarinet; 2 string instruments: violin and cello; and 2 percussion instruments: piano and percussion) gives to the ensemble a great variety of sonorities.  The timbrical richness of the instruments offers to the composer many expressive possibilities.  In this piece, in order to achieve contrast, I often pair them by families (winds-strings-percussion).  The Sextet is written in one movement without interruption, and includes four sections separated by the tempi changes (Lento-Allegro-Adagio-Allegro).  The thematic material derives from the 12-tone row presented by the piano at the beginning of the piece.  However, this is not a serial piece and the orginal row is used freely throughout the piece.  In the slow introduction, the whole thematic material is introduced.  The following Allegro is full of dialoguing rhythms building exciting climaxes.  The biggest culmination is achieved following the fugato section introduced by the piano.  In the middle slow section the texture is thinned out  to two voices by the expressive melodies (all derived from the original row) of the violin and cello.  In the returning Allegro section, a completely modified and shortened recapitulation section brings back the excitement of the rhythm.


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