Tres movimientos (Three movements)


Three movements, for flute and clarinet



AMAT, Francisco


(Complete set)


Flute and clarinet


6' 50''



Year of composition





First Movement. This movement starts with a theme presented by the flute, which is answered by the clarinet. It is a moderato with a playful character, which progressively builds up to the culmination point at the end, after which it moves on to the second movement without interruption.


Second movement. This is an adagio espressivo which starts with the same theme as the previous movement, also presented by the flute, but this time an octave lower and augmented, with a clarinet pedal. Like in the previous movement, the theme is answered by the clarinet, linking with a very expressive rubato by the flute, with an imitation of the theme by the clarinet with augmentation and variations. This same rubato, fortissimo, presented this time by the clarinet, prepares the end, with the initial theme and the clarinet pedal fading out.


Third movement. This is an allegro in which there is a dialogue between the flute and the clarinet which leads to an expressive andante where the flute stands out. The following allegro prepares the theme of the first movement, leading into an allegro fogoso to end the movement.

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