Concierto para clarinete y banda (Piano reduction)




AMAT, Francisco


(Piano reduction)


Clarinet and symphonic band


15' 10"


28 +7

Year of composition





This concerto was written by petition of my student and excellent clarinet player Jonathan Castellanos Fasanar, and it was premiered by the la Banda Municipal de Música del Excmo. Ayto. de Alicante, with the clarinet soloist being another good friend and extraordinary musician, Juan Gumersindo Berná Limorte.

The first movement is an Allegro based on the seventh interval (minor-diminished) and the chords which are produced with it, using all the melodic resources to get to them.

The second movement is an Adagio espressivo which begins with the dominant seventh chord with the added sixth, presented in melodic form in the cadenza of the clarinet.

The third movement is an Allegro-Rondo which starts with a series of sixths presented by the tutti of the band, while the clarinet performs virtuoso passages which lead us to seek the developed seventh interval with which the concerto began.

Concierto para clarinete y banda mov. 1 – Youtube

Concierto para clarinete y banda mov. 2 – Youtube

Concierto para clarinete y banda mov. 3 – Youtube

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