Capriccio brillante (flute and piano)


L’obra segueix una lliure forma Rondó. El tema principal que reapareix 3 cops és de caràcter lleuger i capritxós mentre que el segon tema és molt líric i expressiu.



BROTONS, Salvador


Flute and piano





Year of composition

1975, rev. 2012





During the summer of 2012 I wanted to recover, and review, much of my production from when I was young. Many of the works written between 1973 and 1975 have been published for the first time, some slightly modified and others where the review has been considerable. This is the case of Capriccio for flute and piano which was conceived in July 1975, and extensively revised and enlarged in 2012. Only two main themes are original from 1975. All of the central part (which can be omitted, if desired) has been added in the revision. The CODA and several links have also been added.

The work follows a free Rondo form. The main theme, which reappears 3 times, is of light and whimsical character, while the second is very lyric and expressive. Although still written in C# minor, it modulates frequently and is very chromatic with much diversity of fluctuating tonalities during the course of the work.

The flute part has a medium-high level of difficulty with moments of virtuosity and brilliance. The central cadence part has been added to give variety and contrast and a slightly longer duration of up to 5 minutes.

Salvador Brotons

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