Caminos introspectivos (Introspective paths)


Suite for flute and piano

I. SANTA CREU I SANT PAU – sonidos y esperanzas (sounds and faith), II. PETIT VALS EN RONDÓ  – alegría y libertad (joy and freedom), III. UN VIAJE NUEVO (A new journey)




PENMAN, Katrina


Flute and piano




16 +4

Year of composition






This suite is made up of a selection of miniatures that express emotions or feelings regarding a particular situation.

I. SANTA CREU I SANT PAU – sounds and faith

I imagined this composition during my unexpected stay in the hospital in Barcelona named in the title, in March of 2022. It combines the sounds of the machines and the voices of the dozens of patients staying on that ward, separated only by a curtain between one bed and another. The central part of the piece represents the flight of Imagination, floating out above the hospital and around the city, only to return once more to the bed.

II. PETIT VALS EN RONDÓ (Pequeño Vals en Rondó) – joy and freedom

This composition was written the day I went home from hospital after an operation.

III. UN VIAJE NUEVO (A new journey) 

Beginning a new journey is always a moment for reflection.  This piece of music was written to accompany the journey of the performer, or of the listener.

I premiered this piece in August 2022 with María Elena de Prada, at the National Flute Association Convention in Chicago.

Katrina Penman

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