Trio (violin, French horn, piano)


I. Exordi
II. Miniatura (Minature)
III. Elegia (Elegy)
IV. Final



RODILLA, Enrique


(Complete set)


Violin, French horn and piano





Year of composition






The piece was written between August and November, 2007 and it is dedicated to the French horn virtuoso José Zarzo. It has four movements:

 I. Exordium: (from the Latin exordium meaning: beginning, introduction, first part of a speech that is designed to attract the attention of the audience.)

The main theme is based on fourths presented by the French horn and answered by the violin, which finishes with a descending sequence where the intervals close from augmented to diminished fourths. A pedal note of the piano leads to a dialogue with the violin, and later the French horn comes in. A far away call from the French horn initiates the Allegretto non troppo, as a development of the main theme. The Misterioso is a cadencial part of the French horn and the violin, where both instruments show their virtuosity. A pedal note on the piano then leads to the re-exposition. The movement finishes with a three bar Coda.

II. Miniature: As its name indicates, this is a short movement, with frantic rhythm and virtuoso character. In the Maestoso, the rapid, but not violent, character of this movement is lost.

III. Elegy: Intervals of sevenths, octaves and ninths are the protagonists in this movement which reflects the drama and frustration in the face of death. The movement starts with agonistic chords from the piano at a slow tempo, followed by reminiscence with intervals of fourths in the French horn which are taken from the main theme of Exordium. In the Andante the theme is presented by the three instruments, which then leads to an Allegro con fuoco. The Lento starts with a pedal in the piano, seeking to suggest the past which has been lived but will not return. On this pedal a sort of prayer begins in a duo between the French horn and the violin, which takes us back to the chords from the beginning, in a different key, accompanied by complaining laments from the French horn and the violin. The piano becomes the protagonist again playing a cadence in which a confusion of sadness and happiness leads to rage in the Allegro con fuoco.  A slow Coda carries us to the end.

IV. Final: This is a Rondo with a final Coda, where all the themes from the previous movements are brought together.


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