Sonata-Fantasia, for cello and piano




BROTONS, Salvador


Cello and piano




22 +7

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The Sonata-Fantasia was commissioned in the Summer of 2021 by Duo Brotons, formed by my nephew Héctor Báscones, cello and Gerard Sala, piano. They wanted a work that was not too long, beautiful, expressive and bright.

This is my second Sonata for cello and piano. I composed the first at a very young age in 1978 when I was 19 years old and under the number of opus 19. It was then time to write a second Sonata. To differentiate it from the first one, this is a piece in one uninterrupted movement with a freer form. Hence, the title of Sonata-Fantasia.

The work begins with a Lento where the piano introduces four chords that will be the leitmotif of the composition. The cello presents the expressive and contemplative first theme in the high register under a distant piano accompaniment.

A slightly more agitated transition follows, to reach a tense point culminating with the return of the four chords of the introduction. After a pause, the piano resumes the main theme under an imitative contracanto by the cello.

A fast movement is chained together without interruption in a blurred Sonata form: A melodic-virtuoso first theme, a bridge by the pianist, and a second theme in 7/8 that begins timidly and gradually grows to a climax.

The central part of the work is characterized by a space of “Cadenzas” by the cello and the piano developing small motifs presented previously.

A modified and extended reexposition follows, with the recollection of the piece’s slow first theme in between, to lead us to an eminently virtuosic and brilliant Coda concluding with the opening four chords.

(Salvador Brotons)

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