Si yo pudiera morder la tierra toda (If I could bite the whole earth)


Ensemble for flute, clarinet in Bb, tenor saxophone, piano, violin and cello, on a homonymous text by F. Pessoa.





(Complete set)


Flute, clarinet in Bb, tenor saxophone, piano, violin and cello


6' 30"



Year of composition






On a homonymous text by F. Pessoa, this work bases its compositional poetics on the ability of the writer to describe human life as “a sale where I have to wait until the diligence of the abyss arrives”, highlighting the hollow banality of existence. “There is no sunset so beautiful that it could still be, or a breeze so light that makes us sleepy that it could not give us even more peaceful sleep”. But despite everything, of the unattainable of the total experience and the emptiness of our grandiose desires, we consciously and deliberately persevere in existence. Duality between the ordinary and the abstraction, the concrete and the existential as bordering beings, locked up forever and alone with the will to want to be everything and the conviction of not being able to be anything. And that apparent and foreseeable future of our existence that is volatilized by events and that is both limitation and longing. The play is a tribute to all refugees and displaced people who have been forced to leave their homes to escape human rights abuses such as torture, persecution, armed conflict, extreme poverty and even death on an uncertain journey that millions of people initiate. Earth as a physical place, but also as a temporal and mental space to return to and yearn for. Concrete facts that profoundly modify the individual.

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