L’enfant magique (The magic child)






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Clarinet quartet




18 +3+3+3+2

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L’enfant magique is the little story of a sad boy in his childhood, who dreamt at night of being as happy as other children. No one paid attention to him because he was always very sad and only talked about his sorrows with everyone. His life was full of calamities, misery and suffering. One night, while he was asleep, a fairy appeared to him in dreams, and the boy asked one desire: To be happy and to laugh like everybody else! The fairy, when she saw such a miserable child told him a secret… a big secret, which he could only tell if he came across someone who was very sad! He had to give a lantern to each child to whom he told the secret.

The next morning, when the sun rose, he looked out of the window and saw that the day was full of light, the sun was a very different colour, and there was incredible peace at home… and he started running very happily throughout the valley.

He realized at once that a magic spell had worked on him, and wanted to tell all the other children who were doomed so that they could become happy as he. From then on, all the mountain people knew something wonderful had happened to the child.

For many, many years, all the children in the region were extremely happy.

L’enfant magique, so it is said, lived somewhere in the south of France, in a valley full of flowers and crossed by a small stream. At night, they say that the way is illuminated by hundreds of little red lamps…


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