Don Nicanor, for violin, cello, harp, tuba and Toy piano


Work composed for family concerts and educational events

I. Don Nicanor
II. El Amor – Love
III. La vaca – Cow
IV. La vaca triste – The sad cow
V. El tigre libre – The free tiger
VI. Viaje a América – Trip to America
VII. Canción La mona – The monkey’s song
VIII. Viaje al Polo Sur – Trip to the South Pole
IX. Canción El pinguïno – The penguin’s song
X. Canción El oso – The bear’s song
XI. El viaje a París – The trip to Paris
XII. Canción El burro – The donkey’s song
XIII. El viaje nocturno – The night trip
XIV. El circo – The circus
XV. Canción El circo volador – The flying circus’ song
XVI. El gran circo volador – The great flying circus





Violin, cello, harp, tuba and Toy piano (optionally bass drum and Hi-Hat Cymbal)




30' aprox.



Year of composition





Este es Don Nicanor,
que vivía en una flor.
Esto que os voy a contar
lo saben aquí y allá:
que el bueno de Nicanor
montó un circo por amor.

The story told in verse is about Don Nicanor, an amazing and selfless character who travels the world saving animals in trouble. He rescues a cow, a monkey, a penguin, a bear, a cat, a dog, a sperm whale, a donkey, and together with them, they decide to open a circus. Each animal contributes their unique skill to the circus.

The story is accompanied by music written for Toy piano and ensemble based on the verses of the great Valencian poet and pedagogue Mar Benegas. The story of Don Nicanor and his circus is illustrated by the artist Ximo Abadía, and it is a great way to introduce children to the world of literature and art.

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