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Composed during the autumn of 2020, Covid-19 Sensations was commissioned by the Federació Catalana de Bandes de música. The origin of this work is, however, a little surprising. During the summer of the same year, I wrote a solo viola sonata under the name Sonata Covid-19. Since I was pleasantly satisfied with the work, I thought that this piece could give even more if it were expanded, developed, and harmonized for a large ensemble. So, when I was proposed the commission, I started melodically from the work for viola, unfolding it for symphonic band, thus acquiring a much more dramatic and spectacular dimension.

After all we experienced during the lockdown period due to the Coronavirus pandemic, I wanted to capture in the four parts of the work, the different sensations that we all experienced that year.

Elegiaca is a slow movement that surprisingly begins smoothly in the sharpest register of the ensemble with the vibraphone, piccolo, and flutes. Once the euphonic center is lowered, a culminating point is acquired in the middle of the piece caused by a progressive increase in tension. After a relaxing process, the music returns to its original setting by rising to the high register and initial color.

Nervoso is an unstable scherzo that shows the uneasiness of our society under the pandemic. The tempo is fast, with sudden and continuous timbre changes. The 5/4 meter, mixed with various rhythmic changes, causes great agitation and very variable sensations.

Pianto is a powerful lament for coronavirus victims. Slow and thoughtful, it is a movement deeply felt under a rhythm of quasi-procession. The dark theme presented by the horns is recurring and acts as the true leitmotif of the whole movement.

Corrente is the only light and optimistic space in the work. Looking ahead, you can see the light at the end of the tunnel. In a ternary and lively 6/8 meter, it is surprising the alternation of long melodies always under an unstoppable rhythm. A necessary euphoric ending is visualized after all we have experienced.

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