Suite d’homenatges (Suite of tributes)


Chaconne – Milhaudiana – Variació XIII – Perpetuum mobile. Klosediana replay





Saxophone ensemble (8 parts: 2 soprano, 2 alto, 2 tenor, 2 baritone saxophones)


(Complete set)


8' 35''


42 + 10+10+10+8

Year of composition






Suite d’homenatges is a musical composition that exhaustively exploits the technique of variation to set up its structure. Thus, the 1st movement, Chaconne, proposes a total of twelve variations through the insistent repetition of an original theme by the author, of 7 measures, which, at the beginning, is presented without accompaniment; the progressive increase and decrease of the dynamics, different possibilities of harmonic treatment of the resonance or the different developments of texture are elements of the first order for the construction of each of the successive variations. The 2nd movement, Milhaudiana, is elaborated through quotations of elements from the 1st movement of the work for saxophone and orchestra Scaramouche by Darius Milhaud, which under a very lively perspective of movement and a load of considerable technical development, becomes the thread conductor of the discourse, being subjected to various processes of variation, succession, tonal treatment, etc., different from those of the original fragment. The 3rd movement, Variació XIII, is another variation on the theme of the 1st movement, in which the new perspective of movement, approach to harmonic structure, and more dramatic character differentiates it from those already realized previously. The 4th movement, Perpetuum mobile. Klosediana replay, takes as support for the discourse development an uninterrupted succession of triplets of eighth notes that start from a sound particle inspired by those of the initial exercises of the technical exercise of the Methods for clarinet and saxophone by H. Klosé, on which they are exposed, develop and finally overlap, two original themes by the author that are taken from his work for clarinet quartet, Tempo di Scherzo.​

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