Souvenir à Franz et Carl Doppler (Remembrance to Franz and Carl Doppler)


Fantasia concertante for two flutes and piano, Op.166



BROTONS, Salvador


(Complete set)


Fantasia concertante for two flutes and piano




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Composed at the request of the virtuoso flautist and dear friend, Claudi Arimany, to be featured in the comprehensive recording of the complete works of Carl and Franz Doppler for the esteemed Austrian label, Capriccio. The Doppler brothers, prominent Hungarian flautists and composers of the 19th century, crafted a plethora of exquisite compositions for the flute, characterized by their vibrant and expressive melodies, perfectly tailored for the instrument.

Claudi desiring to pay homage to the Dopplers, envisioned this composition as the grand finale for his latest CD. Delving into this endeavor, I faced the daunting challenge of emulating the style of these illustrious composers. The question lingered: should the composition be a mere imitation or a heartfelt tribute? Drawing upon my intimate knowledge of the flute, coupled with my experience performing various works by Doppler, the creative process unfolded with surprising ease. Claudi shared a trove of authentic Hungarian folk tunes, serving as the thematic foundation for the composition. While I introduced original musical bridges, the essence of the piece remained steeped in Hungarian tradition. Notably, I dedicated meticulous attention to the piano accompaniment, mirroring Doppler’s methodology, where the piano intricately weaves into the harmonic tapestry of the composition.

The Fantasia flows through three interconnected sections, each transitioning seamlessly into the next:

The initial part, a slow A-B-A movement, exudes expressive tranquility, with chromatic nuances and gentle flute dialogues. A subtle crescendo graces the return to the A theme, adding a touch of brilliance.

The subsequent part introduces a theme followed by two variations, showcasing virtuosic flute techniques within a darker, faster tempo.

The final section, true to Hungarian tradition, erupts into a lively Csárdás. This segment features multiple themes, all distinctly Hungarian and brilliantly ornamented. A brief, majestic interlude provides contrast, offering respite amidst the lively tempo. This final movement, following an A-B-A structure, concludes with a brilliant Coda, leaving listeners enthralled. In essence, this Fantasia, born from the confluence of inspiration and dedication, stands as a heartfelt tribute to the Doppler legacy, capturing the essence of Hungarian musical tradition while incorporating my own creative expression.

(Salvador Brotons)

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