Sonata – Concerto for bass clarinet and piano


This work is also the piano reduction of the Bass Clarinet Concerto, for bass clarinet and orchestra by Salvador Brotons.



BROTONS, Salvador


bass clarinet and piano




39 +12

Year of composition






I – Fantasia

II – Cantilena

III – Dionisiaca


When David Gould, a fabulous New York clarinet player, approaches me to commission to compose a new piece for bass clarinet and piano I was very happy. I have written a pretty good number of Sonatas or pieces for instrument and piano but I do not know why, I did not compose anything for bass clarinet and piano.

The bass clarinet being such an expressive instrument, with a great tessitura, technical possibilities and immense dynamic range it is surprising that still lacks of a very substantial concert literature. Thus, I have written this Sonata – Concerto for bass clarinet and piano or orchestra with great enthusiasm.

As I have already done with other solo instruments, the fact that the piece can be serve either as a Sonata or as a Concerto is planned from the very beginning. I have tried to compose an idiomatically written piece for the piano as well as to be easily successfully orchestrated.

The first movement was premiered as a separate piece Fantasia at the International Clarinet Association Conference held in Ostende (Belgium July 2018). The last two movements were written later during the September month of the same year.

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