Lvcis Lavs (“Praise of the Light”), for symphony orchestra


This work was commissioned by the Orquesta Sinfónica Ciudad de Elche (OSCE) for the 2007-2008 season as a commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the orchestra.



MORA, David


(Score A3)




Orquesta: Piccolo (anche Flauto), Flauto (anche Flauto in Sol), Oboe, Corno Inglese, Clarinetto in Sib (anche Cl. Requinto in Mib), Clarinetto in La (anche Cl. Basso), Sassofono Alto (anche Tenor), 2 Fagotti (2º anche Contrafagotto), 4 Corni in F, 2 Trombe in C, 2 Tromboni, Trombone, Basso Tuba - Percussione (4 esecutori): Timpani. 1: Xilofono, Piatti a mano, Piatto sospeso, Triangolo, Tam tam (medio), Congas. 2: Marimba, Glockenspiel, 8 Tom-toms, Caja, Bongos, Piatto sospeso, Triangolo. 3: Vibrafono, Gran Cassa, Tamburo Militare, Caja clara, Campanas Tubulares, Piatto Sospeso, Piatti a mano. Celesta Piano Arpa, Cuerda (Strings)





Year of composition




  1. Lento
  2. Allegro enérgico.
  3. Epílogo. Adagio

The symphonic work is very demanding for both conductor and orchestra.

RHYTHM is one of the most important parameters that an orchestra needs to work on, on a daily basis, and it is also central to the training of a conductor. This work is very rigorous rhythmically speaking.

David Mora creates an environment or texture based on colors that brings to mind that special quality of light that the province of Alicante has.

This work requires a large number of musicians, which it exploits to the maximum in terms of color, timbre, orchestral scope and, as mentioned above, rhythm. Symmetries between different families are very well worked, leading to modern idioms continuously being elaborated while not altering the nature of the instruments. Maximum respect is maintained towards the symphony orchestra as an element, which is used as a great palette of colors, rhythms and heights.

Motivic and thematic material of superb quality gives the work great unity. The same motifs, which can be found in the three movements, sound very differently in each movement due to the way in which they are elaborated. In addition, they are able to pay some small homage to the History of the Music in a subtle and elegant way.

I would say that, thanks to works such as Lvcis Lavs by David Mora, we can see that 21st century music is very much alive, and we are shown that a composer can speak in a very modern idiom without having to distort musical instruments.

Leonardo Martinez (Orchestra director)


Lvcis Lavs (Orquesta OSRM) – Youtube

Lvcis Lavs (Orquesta ADDA) – Youtube

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