Father’s covenant, for symphonic band


Vassil Kostov (1935-2001), va ser un trompetista i compositor búlgar. Durant 23 anys va ser el principal trompetista de l’Orquestra Filharmònica de Sofia, i més tard es va convertir en el seu director artístic en cap, i en un dels professors més admirats del Conservatori Estatal de Bulgària. Les seves marxes per a banda de metall aporten senzillesa i un gran coneixement de les potencialitats dels diferents instruments.




KOSTOV, Vassil


Vasil Nikolov


(Score A3)


March for symphonic band


2 flutes, piccolo, clarinet in Es, 3 clarinets in B, 4 horns, 2 trumpets, 2 trombones, tambourine, bass drum, cymbals, 3 flugelhorns, baritone, tuba in Es, tuba in B





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Vassil Kostov (1935-2001) was born in Sevlievo, Bulgaria in the family of a musician (trumpeter). This predestined his fate. He graduated from the Bulgarian State Conservatory as a trumpeter. He was laureate of the international youth festivals in Moscow /1957/ and Vienna /1959. For 23 years he was the leading trumpeter of the Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra, then in charge of it and its Chief Artistic Director. He was also First Secretary of the Union of Bulgarian Musicians and a lecturer in trumpet and brass at the Bulgarian State Conservatory, a 15-years practice which has had a beneficial effect upon his musical works. His marches for brass band bear the marks of simplicity and high professionalism, of a great knowledge of the potentialities of the different instruments.

“The march carries a great emotional charge, having a strong impact on the mass listener. It evokes an elevated, cheerful, happy, festive, solemn, often even patriotic feeling and mood in the people. When the drum is beaten, as if one’s heart starts beating differently”

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