Amica mea


Amica mea is part of an evolutionary process towards intervallic music. A process aimed at atonal music. The Bible text Canticum canticorum salomonicus helps me to establish a dialogue between the different parts of the chorus.



COLL, Jaume


Biblical text in latin


Cor mixt


6' 22''



Year of composition





The text tells us how a couple, husband and wife, praise each other.

My intention is to follow the same procedure, but including the different options between people’s affective relationships, thus giving a better view of the society in which we live. At all times, a sense of cordiality and absolute coexistence is imprinted, a reflection of a mature society.

The technical section is more complex. Music constantly seeks dissonance, to make it a constant point in the work, provoking assimilation and coexistence, and understanding dissonance as rest. This level of complexity leads us to develop exchanges between the different tessituras of the choir that produce effects of great sound quality.Rhythmically, the work presents some passages that are difficult to read, but deciphered by the melodic part of the voices.

This work seeks to give a sensation of sound complexity and also of form, without losing the melodic sense and the intention of unity of the ensemble. On the other hand, the text is slightly altered in its primary understanding, but at all times the understanding is maintained through the constant discussion between the timbre of the voices, thus giving a sense of concord and coexistence.

(Jaume Coll)

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