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Here you can find the answer to the frequent asked questions about the operating mode of  For any questions, please contact us by email at, or by phone at  +34 93.674.31.74 or +34 93.675.46.72.

How to search

To perform a search you can use the general search located at the top left side, writing the keyword of your interest. You will be able to filter the results of each query according to product (shop), author (Author), or a general search throughout the web page.

You can also check out all the scores and other products we offer through the menu you will find on the left (Scores, gifts, CDs, etc..)

New customers

To be able to buy through you will need to register as a user. The personal data you enter in the forms will be treated in accordance with EU Data Protection 2016/679 (General Data Protection Regulation) of 27 April 2016, which has been effective since 25 May 2018 (short EUDATAP).

– Your purchases will be much faster so you will not have to enter your information every time you place an order.
– You can benefit from exclusive discounts for registered customers, additional offers, or other types of promotions.
– You can check your order history at any time to see your previous purchases.
– You will have the option to subscribe to our newsletter and receive notifications with the publishers of our store.

You can register here.

How to buy

To buy a product, just add it to your shopping basket/cart by clicking the button ‘Add to cart’. Once you’ve selected all the products you wish to buy, you can review the basket/cart by clicking the quantity of products next to the basket/cart at the top left corner of the page.

The list contains the details of the products you’ve chosen: image of the product, description, quantity, total per product, and taxes.

If you want to modify the quantities, change the number in the “quantity” box. To remove an item from the basket/cart, click the button ‘remove’. (simbol de “trash”)

Once you have reviewed the basket/cart, you can proceed to buy the products by clicking ‘Next step”. Here, you have the possibility to change the shipping and billing address.  Otherwise, the system will use the address provided at the time of registering as user.  Underneath the billing address, there is the “Carrier” section where you need to choose the shipping option (express, normal, etc.).  By clicking “Next”, you will get to the window to confirm your order where you need to choose the payment method.  Then, you need to click “I accept the conditions” to confirm your order and to move on to the “Next step”.

If you have chosen “Credit card” or “Money transfer”, you will access the payment gateway (virtual POS / VPOS Virtual Point of Sale) of “la Caixa”. If you choose PayPal, you will access the appropriate page, where your required information to make the payment will be introduced encrypted and protected. “Bill payment” is only available to professionals (shops and distributors) who have provided their appropriate information.

Once the operation is completed, you will return to and we will send you an email message confirming your order.

Payment methods

The payment options at are:  Credit card, money transfer (both with access to the payment gateway (VPOS) of “la Caixa”), Paypal and Bill payment (only for professionals).  The accepted credit cards are:

Shops, music schools or distributors (professionals) have the option of “Bill payment” for their orders, registering as such and providing their information. In this case, when placing an order, you need to choose “Bill payment” among the payment options.

If you have problems to make the payment, call us at +34 93 674.31.74 or +34 93 675.46.72 or write us at

Trade discounts to stores, conservatories and distributors

Customers who identify themselves as a shop, music conservatory or distributor may use the website for placing orders regularly. You will be charged list prices instead of retail prices, with discounts ranging from 20% to 40%. These customers will also have the option to pay their orders by direct debit authorization.

To register as a shop or distributor you must contact us so that we can activate the relevant trade discount. You can contact us by phone at +34 93 674.31.74 or +34 93.675.46.72 or by email at the address

Once your business account is activated, it is very important that you always make your purchases as a registered user.  Otherwise the discount prices cannot be applied.

Prices and taxes

All the prices of our products include VAT.  The books and scores in paper format include a 4% VAT and the rest of the articles include a 21% VAT.

Citizens from the UE who testify as head of business and provide a valid international VAT-No., are exempt from value-added tax.


The methods of delivery we use are standard mail and express mail. Each method has a specific cost and delivery time as detailed in the following list:


Shipping rates


Outside Spain






Up to 2 Kg.

6,55 €

10,55 €

Depends  on destination
Up to 5 Kg.

11,56 €

18,55 €

Depends  on destination



Estimated time of delivery (*)



Rest of Europe

Asia, South America, Oceania

North America and Central America


5 days

8 days

10 days

25 days

20 days


3 days

5 days

7 days

15 days

10 days

(*) Delivery times are approximate and may vary depending on the operator



Here you will be able to find short answers to the questions we most often receive.

My order has been shipped, but I still have not received it. Where is it?

After several years working as an online  shop our experience is that most shipments arrive at their destination at the estimated time. However:

• For shipments within Spain

If your order has not arrived and it has been shipped by standard mail, it is not necessary that you contact us until 14 days have passed. Thereafter we will be available to track the shipment and detect the exact point where it may be.

If your order has not arrived and is was sent by Express Mail within Spain, please contact us after 4 working days.

• For shipments outside Spain

For most shipments outside Spain by standard  mail expect orders to reach any destination in a maximum of 14-28 days (although in most destinations , it is much faster). However, if your order has not arrived in 28 days, please contact us at  confirming your address.  If the information is correct, we can declare the order as lost and carry out a new delivery.

For most shipments outside Spain by express courier, we expect orders to reach any destination in a maximum of seven days. All packages must be delivered by hand and have  a receipt signed. If there is no one to receive the package, the courier will try to contact by other means  and wll leave a contact card. If you did not receive the package in a maximum of eight days, write to  and we will  track the shipment to locate it.

Remember that if you want your order delivered by express mail someone must be present at the delivery destination to receive it, otherwise, the courier service will not return for 24 hours. If there is still no one to receive the parcel on the following day, the customer will have to go to the nearest office to pick it up. After four or five days the parcel is returned to the sender. Mailing costs vary depending on the weight of the order, the method of delivery, and the destination.

Returns and cancellations

In we respect the right of withdrawal provided that the products to be returned are not in the categories referred to in Article 45 of the Law of the Retail Trade of the Generalitat de Catalunya. To exercise the right to return, please complete the withdrawal form and mail it to the mailing address PO 37, 08190 Sant Cugat del Vallès (Barcelona), or by email to the address The deadline to submit the document is 7 working days from the day the order was received.

Items must be returned in perfect condition (with original packaging and unused). Damaged items or out of its original packaging will not be accepted. The return of an article implies the full refund of the item minus the shipping costs.

With regards to items with manufacturing defects, all returns are allowed without filling any documents. In this case, to enforce the claim, you can reach us by e-mail  at or by phone at +34 93.674.31.74 or +34 93.675.46.72. Upon receipt of the article, we will review its  state and if necessary, we will refund the total cost of the item plus the shipping costs.

For further information, you can check the section “General Terms and Conditions”

How can I return an item I did not order, or which is defective or damaged?

If you receive a package or item you did not order, or which is defective or damaged, you can contact us at the address or call +34 93 674.31.74 or +34 93 675.46.72 . On receiving the returned product we will proceed to examine it and, where applicable, we will replace it or refund the cost of the article plus the cost of delivery.

How do I cancel my order?

During the 24 hours after placing the order you can write to the address to request the cancellation of the order attaching the order reference number. After 24 hours you can request cancellation and, provided the package has not been sent, we will also cancel the order. If 24 hours have gone by and the package has already been sent, you should complete the withdrawal form and send it within 7 days of receiving the product. In all the above cases, the cancellation of the order implies a full refund.

General terms and conditions

For more information, visit the section “General Terms and Conditions” in the bottom menu of the website.

Privacy policy

For more information, visit the “Privacy Policy” section in the bottom menu of the website.


In we worry about Internet security and we are committed to always providing the highest level of security in all areas of your visit. Our servers use the most up-to-date technology to keep your personal data absolutely safe.

For more information, visit the section “Privacy Policy” in the bottom menu of the website.

Contact / Where we are

Should you have any doubts or queries about, we recommend you to visit the “frequently asked questions” section where you might find the answer to your question.

If your query is not covered by the FAQ section, you can contact us by email at  If your query concerns an order, use this address  or contact us by phone at +34 93 674.31.74 or +34 93 675.46.72.

Where we are


Passeig del Torrent núm. 3, Locals 3-4

08196 Sant Cugat del Vallès (Barcelona)


Phones: +34 93.674.31.74 o 93.675.46.72

Fax: +34 93.675.46.72

Rental of scores

To inquire about rental materials of the works from our catalog, contact us by filling out the form. We will contact you as soon as possible.


To apply for a license of one of the works from our catalogue, please contact us at the email address, communicating the title and author of the piece that interests you, and the reason why you request the license.

Information on merchandise/gift articles

The following tables will facilitate you the choice of the appropriate sizes

T-shirts: Corresponding measures and sizes



Avarca – Menorquian sandals: Corresponding measures and sizes

Equivalency guide shoe size

We recommend to take a bigger number than the one indicated on the rule.

If the centimeters match with an average number, please get a higher number.

Ex: 26 cm = 39. We recommend a No. 40.

Ex: 17 cm = a No. 25 ½. We recommend a No. 27.

WARNING: This film is an example; the sizes may vary depending on the instep or wide foot.


Terms of use

For more information, see “Terms of Use” in the menu of the bottom of the web page.