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May this Christmas season have lot of music

This year the traditions, the festivities… are once again enjoyed with family, in groups of friends, in instrumental groups and choirs, and music will be a key element.

We present different Christmas proposals, for instrumental formations, for orchestra, cobla, as well as for children’s choir, mixed choir …

The Song of the birds (Cant dels ocells) is perhaps one of the most well-known melodies in the traditional repertoire and it is performed in many ocasions, although it is a carol. You can find it in the harmonization that Salvador Brotons has made for guitar, as well as Pascual Martínez’s version for melodic instrument and piano.

Nadales catalanes (Catalan Christmas Carols), Op.76 by Salvador Brotons is one of the most performed Christmas suites during this season, you will find it in various versions for orchestra, symphonic band, mixed choir and orchestra (or piano), children’s choir and orchestra (or piano) or even for tenor (trumpet or clarinet) and organ.

For mixed choir, it is necessary to emphasize the 2 works of the director and composer Xavier García Cardona, its harmonization with airs of jazz of “El Desembre congelat” (Frozen December) and its beautiful “O Magnum Mysterium”.

For children’s choirs, you can choose and mix the carol songs of the Catalan composers Josep Marimón and Agustí Cohí Grau, with harmonizations and compositions for one, two or three voices, as well as the suite “Nadales catalanes” by Salvador Brotons.

In the cobla repertoire we present the “Rapsòdia de Nadal”, by Fèlix Martínez Comín and the sardana “Estels de Nadal” by his wife Pepita Llunell.

For more information, you can find the list with the links above



We also want to recommend Dan Turcanu’s arrangements of the International Christmas Carols for different formations and also for solo instruments. Many of the pieces are fantastic ideas for instrument classes and concerts during this Christmas season. Here is a link to his works:


Our lists with the links for your information:

INSTRUMENT SOL / Solo instrument

100-755 BROTONS, Salvador El cant dels ocells (Birdsong), for guitar
ISMN: 979-069220-679-8

MÚSICA DE CAMBRA / Chamber music

100-434 BROTONS, Salvador Nadales catalanes,

version for tenora (trumpet or clarinet) and organ
ISMN: 979-069220-332-2

100-347 MARTÍNEZ, Pascual (adaptation of a traditional song) El cant dels ocells (Birdsong),

Famous Catalan traditional song

for melodic instrument and piano

(available for: violin, viola, violoncello,

flute/oboe, clarinet, bassoon/euphonium/ trombone,

saxophone alto, saxophone tenor, trumpet/Flügelhorn, French horn)

ISMN: 979-069220-245-5

(Piano and 1 instrument)
or (Complete set with all parts)
100-897 VILA, Eligio Puer natus est + Adagio en Mi menor, for string quartet

ISMN: 979-0-69220-940-9

(Complete set) 23,08€

ORQUESTRA / Orchestra

100-037 BROTONS, Salvador Nadales catalanes (Catalan Christmas Carols), 

for orchestra (*)

ISMN: 979-0801226-03-7

100-707 BROTONS, Salvador Nocturn nadalenc (Christmas nocturne),

for string orchestra (*)

ISMN: 979-069220-630-9

100-144 MARTÍNEZ, Pascual Three popular Christmas Carols,

for youth orchestra and Children’s choir (optional)


(Complete set)


BANDA SIMFÒNICA / Symphonic banc

100-351 BROTONS, Salvador Nadales catalanes (Catalan Christmas Carols),

for symphonic band (*)

ISMN: 979-069220-249-3



100-164 LLUNELL, Pepita Estels de Nadal (Christmas stars), for cobla (*)

ISMN: 979-69220-058-1

Rapsòdia de Nadal (Christmas Rhapsody), for cobla  (*)
ISMN: 979-069220-270-7

MÚSICA CORAL / Choral music

100-043 BROTONS, Salvador Nadales catalanes (Catalan Christmas Carols),

for children’s choir and piano

ISMN: 979-080122604-4

100-687 BROTONS, Salvador Nadales catalanes (Catalan Christmas Carols),

for mixed choir and piano

ISMN: 979-069220-615-6

(Choral part)
100-253 COHÍ GRAU, Agustí Cançons populars de Nadal – Volum 1 (Popular Christmas carols – vol. 1),

for two voices a cappella

ISMN: 979-069220-152-6

100-254 COHÍ GRAU, Agustí Cançons populars de Nadal – Volum 2 (Popular Christmas carols – vol. 2),

for three voices a cappella

ISMN: 979-069220-153-3

100-620 GARCÍA CARDONA, Xavier O Magnum Mysterium,

for mixed choir

ISMN: 979-069220-546-3

(Choral part, 10 copies)
100-621 GARCÍA CARDONA, Xavier El desembre congelat,

Catalan Christmas carol for mixed choir

ISMN: 979-069220-547-0

(Choral part, 10 copies)
100-545 HOUSE, Joseph Snowfall, for mixed choir
ISMN: 979-069220-439-8
100-255 LAMMERZ, Josef Tria sunt munera, for mixed choir and organ

(Latin text) (Based on the Gregorian plainsong

of Cologne Cathedral, dedicated to the three Magi,

whose sarcophagus is in this cathedral).

ISMN: 979-069220-154-0


(choir part also available)

100-250 MARIMÓN, Josep Nadales – Volum 1 (Christmas carols – vol. 1),

for mixed voices with accompaniment of piano,

orgue or harmonium ISMN: 979-069220-149-6

100-251 MARIMÓN, Josep Nadales – Volum 2 (Christmas carols – vol. 2),

for mixed voices a cappella

ISMN: 979-069220-150-2

100-252 MARIMÓN, Josep Nadales – Volum 3 (Christmas carols – vol. 3),

for Children’s voices with accompaniment of piano,

orgue or harmonium

ISMN: 979-069220-151-9

100-587 NIBLOCK, James Christmas night, SATB with accompaniment

for practice

ISMN: 979-69220-513-5

200-108 MORA, David Ave Maria, for soprano and mixed choir

a cappella

ISMN: 979-0-805438-08-5

100-891 NIBLOCK, Howard

(arr. of a traditional North American Christmas Carol

  The Huron Carol, for mixed choir and                   piano

ISMN: 979-0-69220-934-8




100-433 BROTONS, Salvador Nadales catalanes (Catalan Christmas Carols),

version for children’s choir and orchestra  (*)
ISMN: 979-069220-331-5

100-716 BROTONS, Salvador Nadales catalanes (Catalan Christmas Carols),

for mixed choir and orchestra

ISMN: 979-069220-638-5

100-710 MIGÓ, Marc Fantasia popular (Popular Fantasy),

for symphony orchestra(*)

ISMN: 979-069220-633-0

100-843 BROTONS, Salvador Missa per la pau (Mass for peace),

for soprano, mixed choir and orchestra (*)

ISMN: 979-069220-819-8

(Vocal score)

100-852 BROTONS, Salvador Missa per la pau (Mass for peace),

for soprano, mixed choir and orchestra (*)

ISMN: 979-069220-891-4 (Score)

100-858 HÄNDEL, Georg Friedrich

Orch. and arr.: Simeonov, Svilen

Hallelujah from Messiah,

for wind orchestra, with woodwind quartet soli

and 4 French horns soli (*)

ISMN: 979-069220-896-9

200-042 SANJUÁN, José Joaquín En una noche muy fría, Christmas song

for soprano, children’s choir, wind quintet,

violoncello and percussion

ISMN: 979-0-801262-40-0